Our SErvices

Not only do we supply sea foods from all over the world in the American market, we provide a global level of services in creation, presentation and operation in the food industry.

Quality Control
We select ingredients of excellent quality suited for individual menu, including Japanese restaurants, all-round Western, Korean and Chinese menus.

International Marine Products, Inc. has been and continues to be a leader in quality and service; furthermore, we have been a model of being one of the nation’s cleanest and most sanitary food distributing companies: our record remains untarnished according to the Los Angeles County Health Department, FDA, USDC, and enforce strict HACCP records.  

We also use Ozone water for our locations that water is used in the warehouse which includes our fillet room, parking lot, showroom, bathrooms, and tap water—all water is ozone water. IMP prides itself on its continued efforts of providing a sanitary working atmosphere which, in turn, is reflected in our product as it reaches our customers.

Distribution System in the USA
We have organized a distribution network in the United States, which enables ingredients from around the world to be delivered fresh to major cities throughout the country.

Market Price Reports
By informing the market movements and price changes in a timely manner, the cost of purchase price may be lowered.

Global Culinary News
In addition to our extensive culinary database, we constantly acquire new culinary tips at global level and offer plain instructions through seminars and other sources.

Marketing Staff as Consultants
Every single employee grasps the culinary data and global culinary information to provide additional assistance as consultants.