The preservation of Japanese culture through "The Japanese food businesses". This is our group’s mission statement. Since its establishment in 1968, International Marine has had a long history for being innovative explorers and leaders in the Japanese food industry. In addition to its foundation of "Japanese Food" as a business theme, International Marine also has a purchasing office in the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo and operates Japanese restaurants.

At a time when many of the world’s fisheries are depleted by overfishing and many once-abundant species have become all but commercially extinct, International Marine Products supports and supplies sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to meeting increasing consumer demand for fresh marine fish.

International Marine Products is a strong supporter and firm believer in using products from sustainable fisheries from around the world; IMP takes pride in providing to its customers the highest in food quality, safety and traceability. Furthermore, not only does International Marine Products, Inc. believe in protecting the environment by using product from sustainable fisheries, IMP also prides itself for supplying product from eco-friendly fisheries that use organic and bio-degradable feed that does not pollute our ocean water habitats. These sustainable fisheries strictly abide by laws set forth by government environmental regulations and International law.