International Marine Product, Inc.
International Marine Products, Inc. is a subsidiary of EIWA  Group. In 1963 EIWA opened its first restaurant in the United States, named Tokyo Kaikan, in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles. This was the first truly authentic Japanese restaurant in America. Tokyo Kaikan is also the birthplace of the now famous California Roll. Presently, EIWA (owns and) operates the Kitayama Restaurant in Newport Beach, California.
In 1968, using their experiences as a fish wholesaler in Japan, EIWA has operated International Marine Products, Inc. in Los Angeles, a wholesaler of fish for Sushi. Since establishing this business in Los Angeles, We have opened branches in San Francisco (IMP Foods, Inc.), Las Vegas (IMP Nevada, Inc.), and Sydney, Australia.(IMP Seafood, Inc.).

With the latest information and handling of the freshest ingredients, we are committed to provide value to our customers. As the information age is ever expanding, we are in position to provide our customers with exceptional service and quality. We can ship product to every location in the U.S.A., thanks to a highly efficient delivery department. As a leader in the seafood industry, we will continue to take initiatives that enhance our customerfs business.

EIWA Group
The preservation of Japanese culture through "The Japanese food businesses"
This is our groupfs mission statement. EIWA has a long history for being innovative explorers and leaders in the Japanese food industry. The company opened its first Japanese restaurant in Tokyo, Japan in 1952. Since then, EIWA has expanded its business and now operates 25 Japanese restaurants across Japan. In addition to its foundation of "Japanese Food" as a business theme, IMP also acts as a fish wholesaler at the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo and operates Japanese restaurants, Utensil rental services for Japanese restaurants, Japanese chef training and tea ceremony schools and other gJapanese Foodh related businessesh.

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